On 21st November 2023, the Society held an Extraordinary General Meeting, and the decision was taken by our membership to close the Society on 31st December 2023. Assets will be transferred to York Family History Society.


These are the titles currently held in the Society's library.  The library list is updated as new books come into the Society's possession. We will reserve the requested book/s for you. If the book you wish to borrow is out we will notify you once it is returned and reserve it for you. Please click on the associated link if you wish to borrow one of the books.
Ref. No Title Author
A 001 Basic Facts re. Family History Research in Glamorgan Rosemary Davies
A 002 Basic Facts re. Catholic Ancestry Michael Gandy
A 003 Basic Facts re. Burial Records Lilian Gibbens
A 004 Basic Facts re. Family History Research in Yorkshire Pauline M. Litton
A 005 Basic Facts re. Archives Susan B Lumas
A 006 Basic Facts re. Merchant Ship Records Peter L Hogg
A 007 Basic Facts re. Family History Research in Lancashire Rita Hirst
A 008 Basic Facts re. Family Records Centre Audrey Collins
A 009 Basic Facts re. Heraldry for Family Historians Iain Swinnerton
A 011 Basic Facts re. Baptism Records Pauline M. Litton
A 013 Basic Approach to Latin Michael Gandy
A 014 Basic Approach to Keeping Records Iain Swinnerton
A 015 Basic Facts re. Sources for Family History in the Home Iain Swinnerton
A 019 Basic Approach to contacting Relatives Peter C Amsden
A 020 Basic Facts re. Education Records Colin R Chapman
A 021 Basic Approach to Picture Postcards Philip J Chapman
A 023 Basic Facts re. Research in London Lilian Gibbens
A 024 Basic Facts re. Lunatics in England & Wales Pamela Faithfull
A 025 Basic Facts re. Using Colingdale & Other Newspaper Repositories Audrey Collins
A 026 Basic Facts re. Descendant Tracing Tom Wood
A 027 Family History Research Facilities in Cleveland, N. Yorks. & S. Durham J Beryl Turner
A 028 Basic Facts re. Methodist Records for Family Historians Richard Ratcliffe
A 029 Basic Facts about The Wesleyan Methodist Historic Roll Richard Ratcliffe
B 001 My Ancestors were Baptists Geoffrey R Breed
B 002 My Ancestors were Merchant Seaman C T & M J Watts
B 003 My Ancestor was a Policeman Antony Shearman
B 004 My Ancestors were Quakers Edward Milligan
B 007 Was Your Grandfather a Railwayman? Tom Richards
B 008 My Ancestor was Jewish Michael Gandy
B 009 My Ancestors were English Presbyterians/Unitarians Alan Ruston
B 010 My Ancestors were Congregationalists D J H Clifford
B 011 My Ancestor was in the British Army
C 002 Victuallers' Records J Gibson & J Hunter
C 003 Poor Law Union Records J Gibson & F Young
C 006 Record Offices & How to Find Them J Gibson & P Peskett
C 011 Poor Law Union Records: S E England & East Anglia J Gibson
C 012 Poor Law Union Records: The Midlands & Nothern England J Gibson & C Rogers
C 016 Coroners Records in England and Wales J Gibson & C Rogers
C 020 Local Newspapers in England & Wales 1750 - 1920 J Gibson
C 021 Family History - The Basics and Beyond BBC /Nat. Archives
D 001 Making the Most of The I G I Eve McLaughlin
D 002 Annals of The Poor Eve McLaughlin
D 003 Guide to the 1841 - 1881 Census Returns Eve McLaughlin
D 004 Family History from Newspapers Eve McLaughlin
D 005 Guide to Illegitimacy Eve McLaughlin
D 006 Guide to Interviewing Elderly Relatives Eve McLaughlin
D 008 Guide to 'No Time for Family History' Eve McLaughlin
D 010 Reading Old Handwriting Eve McLaughlin
D 012 Guide to St. Catherine's House Eve McLaughlin
D 013 Guide to Somerset House Wills Eve McLaughlin
D 014 Guide to Wills before 1858 Eve McLaughlin
E 004 An Introduction to Occupations Joyce Culling
E 005 Wills, Probate and Death Duty Records Jane Cox
J 032 Sources for Yorkshire Genealogists Stuart A Raymond
J 033 Yorkshire List of Names Stuart A Raymond
J 034 Administrative Records for Yorkshire Genealogists Stuart A Raymond
J 036 Yorkshire Family History & Pedigrees Stuart A Raymond
J 043 British Family History on CD   (Booklet) Stuart A Raymond
K 047 The Family Historian's Enquire Within Pauline Saul
K 072 East Riding Contiguous Parishes    (2 copies)
K 073 North Riding Continguous Parishes
K 074 West Riding Continguous Parishes   (2 copies)
K 116 Current Publications on Microfiche by FHS Member Societies On a CD
K123 Where to find Recorded Monumental Inscriptions  Yorkshire (2005) Yorkshire F H Societies
K 124 Where to find Recorded Monumental Inscriptions  Yorkshire (2002) N E Group F H S
L 008 1851 Census Index for Hartlepool Book 1 (A - L)   Vol. 17 Cleveland FHS
L 010 1851 Census Index for Hart, Thorp Bulmer, Elwick, Throston, Dalton Percy, Brierton, Elwick Hall, Seaton Carew Cleveland FHS
L 051 1851 Census Index for Stranton (later known as West Hartlepool) Cleveland FHS
L 060 Census Returns 1841-1881 on Microfilm - A directory to local holdings Booklet by J Gibson
N 002 British Army Records 1914 - 1918 Norman Holding
N 003 More Sources of W W 1 Army Ancestry Norman Holding
P 002 Looking at Old Photographs Robert Pols
R 001 A Guide to Certificate Services of The General Register Office
R 002 Down Memory Lane in Knaresborough  (Part 2) A Jackson & I Garbutt
R 003 Bod-Kin Sept 2001 - Journal of Bradford Family History Society
R 004 Bod-Kin Mar 2002 - Journal of Bradford Family History Society
R 005 Lincolnshire Family History Society Journal November 2001
R 006 The Historical Story of Rowarth J W Livesley
R 007 By the River Nidd: Hunsingore, Cattal, Walshford, Cowthorpe Lucy Hainsworth
R 009 The Story of Sicklinghall Ida Greaves
R 014 Reflections of Killinghall Colin Waite
R 018 A Further History of Penistone Penistone History Group
Phillimore Atlas & Index of Parish Registers   (1984 edition)

Our Constitution

The name of the Society shall be Harrogate and District Family History Society (H&DFHS). Objects:
  1. The objects of the Society shall be to promote and encourage the public study of family history and local history mainly with reference to persons living in or associated with the district of Harrogate in the County of North Yorkshire.
  2. To promote the preservation, security and accessibility of archive material.
Powers: In furtherance of the above objects, but not further or otherwise, the Society shall have the following powers
  1. To hold lectures and discussions and organise visits for Society members and interested members of the general public.
  2. To hold and maintain a library of printed and other works for the use of Society members and, where practical, to extend this to the general public.
  3. To preserve source material and transcribe and publish such materials including documents and monumental inscriptions.
  4. To pursue collaborative actions with supportive bodies.
  5. To promote and engage in educational activities including the regular issue of a journal and the publication and sale of other appropriate material.
  1. The Society is a member of the Family History Federation and shall have the power to guarantee its debts in the event of its insolvency up to the sum of £1. The society may also affiliate with other charitable organisations whose objects are deemed compatible and mutually supportive.
  1. Membership of the Society shall be open to all persons showing a genuine interest in the support of the Society’s objectives. Application for membership will be on a prescribed form.
  2. Subscriptions will be payable at the time and at the rate determined by the members at a General meeting.
  3. Fully paid up members named on the membership list, will have full voting rights.
  4. The Committee of the Society may by unanimous vote and for good and sufficient reason suspend or recommend the termination of membership of any member. That suspension to become termination or set aside membership at the next Annual General or Extraordinary Meeting. Provided that such member will have the right to be heard (accompanied by a friend) by the Committee before a final decision is taken by the Committee.
  1. The Society shall be administered by an Committee consisting of not less than 3 Honorary officers which will include Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and at least 5 other people, all of whom must be full members of the Society. A quorum shall consist of 4 people of which 2 are Executive Officers.
  2. The members of the Committee shall be elected annually by the membership at an Annual General Meeting. Nominations must be submitted in writing not less than 14 days before the day of the Annual General Meeting. The Chairman of the meeting has the discretion to take nominations from the floor.
  3. The Committee shall have the powers to co-opt members up to the next Annual General Meeting who may or may not have voting rights.
  4. All Committee members shall be eligible for re-election upon completion of their annual term of office.
  5. A President may be elected by members at a general meeting.  A President's duties will include offering advice and, if requested, to chai the AGM and EGM.  The President will be an ex-officio member of  the committee.
General Meetings:
  1. An Annual General Meeting shall be held during the month of March when the officers shall present their reports. Notice in writing of this meeting and the agenda shall be given to members entitled to attend and vote, at least 28 days prior to the event.
  2. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened either at the request of the Committee or at the request of 10% of the members with prior written notice given to members at least 28 days before the meeting.
Changes to The Constitution:
  1. The Constitution may be altered only at an Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Society for which proper notice has been given. Such notice shall include the Resolution setting out the terms of the proposed alteration. The Resolution must be passed by not less than two thirds of the voting membership. Those unable to attend meetings shall have the right to a postal vote.
  1. All income and property of the Society shall be applied solely towards the promotion and execution of the objects of the Society as defined in Clause 2. No portion shall be paid to any member. Out of pocket expenses incurred on behalf of the Society can be reimbursed and the payment of approved fees to a speaker may be made.
  2. The Committee shall ensure proper books of account are kept with respect to all income and expenditure.
  3. The Society’s financial year shall commence on January 1st and accounts shall be prepared (in relation to each calendar year) annually.
  4. A copy of the accounts shall be made available to members and presented for approval at the Annual General Meeting.
  1. The Society may be dissolved by a Resolution passed by not less than two thirds of the membership with voting rights either at an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting called by the Committee and for which 21 days prior notice is given in writing. If the Society is dissolved, its assets, both physical and intellectual, shall pass to the Yorkshire Group, unless the Society votes at its wind-up meeting to allocate the assets in some other way.
  1. The members of the Committee shall each be indemnified by the Society against any liability claims or demands arising from any action done in good faith by them on behalf of the Society or its members in the administration of the Society and its activities.
Emergency Situation:
  1. If any emergency situation arises which prevents the Society meeting in person the Executive Committee shall be authorised to take whatever steps are necessary for the Society to continue to meet its objectives while the emergency lasts. In particular, the Committee is empowered to hold the Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary General Meetings on-line, and to defer the date […]


The Society holds numerous books to aid in your research. Please click here to view the available books, most of which may be borrowed.


The Society has a number of microfiche readers, with microfiche, which local members may borrow.

Census Dates

To further aid your research, it may be of benefit to know the actual dates the census was taken, as follows:

6  June 1841 31 March 1851 7/8 April 1861 2/3 April 1871 3/4 April 1881 5  April 1891 31 March1901 2 April 1911 19 June 1921 (expected publication date 1 January 2022) 26 April 1931 (destroyed during World War II)

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