From the Annals of Yorkshire

April 12, 2012 8:15 am Published by 8th October 1830 - an immense sensation was caused in Leeds by the apprehension, on a charge of bigamy, of John Stanley of Crimbles Lodge, Camp Road - a most respectable wool merchant and broker. On 16th June 1829, at Knaresborough, Mr Stanley was married to Ann Daniel, governess to Mr William Gott's children. On 7th October 1830 a bustling, good looking female, attended by her son aged 22 years, arrived in Leeds from Cumberwell near London. She brought a letter to a respectable resident and immediately introduced herself as the wife of Mr Stanley, whom she married in 1806. She stated that she had bore him 11 children, six of who still lived and the eldest of whom accompanied her. In support of these and other allegations, she produced a regular marriage certificate. Mr Sowery, the constable, had charge of the prisoner at Crimbles House where Mr Gott and Mr Barr were taking the usual information in such cases. By some means or other the prisoner was suffered to escape and was not heard of afterwards.

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