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January 22, 2019 9:37 pm Published by Heaton Family Online Andrew Heaton has a website which contains details of books that he has written to document his family history and stories surrounding his family. There are many Yorkshire families mentioned in his books, the names of which are on the webpages regarding the individual books. The website is www.heatonfamilyonline.co.uk His latest book is entitled: Heatons of Worth “Whilst many Heatons were involved with enterprise, commerce and industry, helping create the landscape of the Worth Valley over many hundreds of years, others were quite satisfied to live their lives as honest citizens and good neighbours, selflessly sharing their religious beliefs, their love of music and their devotion to education. Their efforts have left a powerful legacy in places and events within the Worth Valley which are still popular today and the links with the Heaton family deserve recording for prosperity.” “Over the centuries, the Heaton family has played its part in the history of the Worth Valley and much further afield, without hitting the headlines or the popular history books, but never the less noted. The Old Snap line in particular, those descendants of the original Wilfred Heton, whilst being aware of and preserving its history, has never felt the urge or need to make it public property. They have earned a reputation for loyalty, trust, integrity and fair dealing – a heritage they can be justly proud of. Now is the time to share their stories and their values.” – Andrew Heaton. CONTENTS Wilfred Heton of Old Snap … Heatons of Ponden … Heatons and the Brontes … Andrew Heaton – Royalist Cavalier … Joseph Heaton – stonemason … Miss Elizabeth’s family turmoil … Martha Heaton’s family life … The “Clockies of Dollymoor” … Cowling Heaton’s Café … The Heaton Library at Ponden Hall … John Heaton’s Brass Band … Crow Hill Bog Burst … Heaton Cotton Mills … Harehills Free School … “White Windows” … Heatons at Scar Top Brewery … The “quack” of Rush Isles … “Pudding” Heaton … Samuel Heaton at “The Grouse” … The Sutcliffe Heatons … Heaton War Heroes … Ellis W Heaton – Headmaster … Dockroyd Graveyard … Heatons at Scar Top Chapel … Heatons of Stubbing Hill … William Heaton – Mormon Missionary

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