Programme of Lectures

20-Oct-20Meeting cancelled due to Covid-19 outbreakUsing the 1901 Census: Looking in depth at One Pen

Talk by Edgar Holdroyd-Doveton
17-Nov-20Meeting cancelled due to Covid-19 outbreak
15-Dec-20Meeting cancelled due to Covid-19 outbreak
19-Jan-21The Benefits of Ancestral DNAPresentation by Phil at Folk Finders
16-Feb-21Using the 1901 Census. Presentation by Edgar Holroyd-Doveton Looking at one Pennine Mill Town
18-May-21Discovering Manorial DocumentsPresentation by Jackie Depelle
15-Jun-21Down My Street: Using the 1939 RegisterPresentation by Gill Briscoe
20-Jul-21A Life Remembered: Gt Grandfather in ChinaPresentation by Jane Ashby
21-Sep-21Introduction to Heraldry for Family HistoriansPresentation by Gillian Waters
19-Oct-21Life & Death of Margaret ClitheroePresentation by Tony Morgan
16-Nov-21Millionaires or Murderers?Presentation by Phil at Folk Finders