Royal Baths

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The Harrogate Royal Baths have long been a magnet for the rich and famous. In Victorian times, Royalty would amuse themselves by racing their bathchairs through the Harrogate streets towards the Baths. Princess Alix of Hesse and her sister, Princess Victoria of Battenburg, were regular visitors. Cabinet meetings were sometimes held in the Pump Room with the esteemed enjoying a massage soon after.

For years, the Royal Baths has been the jewel in the spa’s architectural crown. The venue sits at the bottom of Parliament Street and faces the Crescent Gardens. After years of neglect and dereliction after the rich and famous (and even some down-to-earth Yorkshire folk!) stopped coming to the spa for treatment, the Royal Baths is once more a centre of excellence. Only in a very different form.

Today, not only can you get a Turkish Bath, the Grand Pump room now houses a Chinese restaurant.

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