Woodsley Terrace, Killinghall

March 14, 2022 4:02 pm Published by Can anyone help please? I’m trying to find out where Woodsley Terrace was, or is, in Killinghall, but having looked on numerous old maps online, I can only find two properties know as Woodsley Villas, which are still there today near where Otley Rd meets Ripon Rd. My aunt was born in 1920 and according to her birth certificate she was born in Woodsley Tce. The family are still living in Woodsley Tce. in the 1921 census when my grandfather was working as a waiter at he the Prince of Wales Hotel in Harrogate. According to the census, there were 6 properties in Woodsley Tce. I have noted on Google maps that there are 6 terraced properties on Ripon Rd which are between Woodsley Villas and the junction with Otley Rd. Could these be Woodsley Tce? Any confirmation would be appreciated.

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